Dernieres nouvelles


Wednesday 26, June 2002

So-Bot 0.9.1 Update
This new pre-release mainly fixes several bugs found in 0.9.0, so the bot's stability should be better. A major system incompatibility has been fixed when running on OS 9.2.2. Additionnaly, AppleScript support has been improved and extended. For example, you can now access (and often set!) to informations about linked bots or specific channels settings. More example scripts soon on this web site. If you already have 0.9.0, it's very easy to upgrade without any data loss: replace the application.


Saturday 23, mars 2002

There we go! Version 0.9.0 of So-Bot is available. It's a major upgrade for this bot, lots of things have been improved, both internally and on the wrapper side. As you could expect, several bugs have been fixed, and we hope this release will be very stable. But some previously existing features have been improved too: when using the talk feature, you can now add a reply on several lines using the delimiter " | ". The SoNET, to link So-Bot with others, has been completely rewritten, and is now powerful. You can now personalize your channel stats pages using a special template file. Additionnaly, So-Bot 0.9 is now able to generate statistical PNG graphics live. And... the revolution... So-Bot is now AppleScriptable! Examples are included in the distribution, or can be found on this web site. Mac 68K users (OS 7.5-8.1) will be glad to see this release available for them again, after a lot of work of adaptation, but we think it's important. But, enough said, now... take the time to discover this new release and we hope you will enjoy it!


Sunday 22 July 2001

Pre-release 0.8.2 : lots of bug fix (fixed memory leaks and increasing stability). Added an export feature for the Quotes (which generates a text or HTML file), and %rawquote command. Upgrade are recommended and easy: from 0.8.1, you only need to replace the application and so.lang folder.

Tuesday 17 July 2001

Again, a revision 2 of version 0.8.1 is uploaded, fixing a little bug on the authentication system. Update are recommended. Note that if you are upgrading from 0.8.0 or 0.8.1, you can replace only the application, and and so.lang folders. Thanks!


Monday 16 July 2001

New archives have been uploaded at 18h00 GMT. This fix a little but during chatme sessions. You might want to update your 0.8.1 version. To upgrade from first-0.8.1: replace the application, and so.lang folders. Sorry for the trouble, we hope you will enjoy this release.

Monday 16 July 2001

Version 0.8.1 is available. Everyone should upgrade!

Wednesday 04 July 2001

Updated version of 0.8.0 (patch level 1), which fix bugs and even give some new minor features (global or local autoop, nick command and authlist command). To upgrade your So 0.8.0, do not forget to replace so.lang and folders, and please read the README file, thank you!

Sunday 01 July 2001

New preview version available: 0.8.0. Waited with impatience, this new version has enormous internal changes. To be short, the code of the commands is now "shared" between the different parts of the bot: commands on channel, private, or trough SoControl (the partyline). That's it, the same code is used on IRC or in DCC for the same command. Thus, commands have been reviewed and adapted to this new concept, that's why some of the old ones may become unavailable. This is lots of work, and if some 0.7.5 commands are still missing, dont worry, they will be soon available again once upgraded to 0.8.1 or more. In parallel, more commands are available in channel, and have practically the same usage to those available in partyline.

0.8 now supports language plugins. English and french plugins are available in the current package, and a few translators are working on more languages support! Thanks to them! However, the version 0.7.5 will remain available in download on this web site. But a lot of people are impatiently looking forward to seeing the evolution of So-bot to check what I'm doing, and why I need so much time for coding this funky bot, that's why 0.8 is now available, even if lots of work still remains. So-Bot 0.8 is currently only online-documented, via the help command. The old .pdf help file is now out to date, and a new documentation will be created in the future.

Release 0.8 and more are no longer compatible with the Mac 68K, and need at least Mac OS 8.5. So-Bot is fully Mac OS X compliant, it's not "carbonized", but "written on" Carbon ;-) However, a Classic version is available in order to run on Mac OS 8.5 to 9.x without CarbonLib. It's recommended to use the Classic version on Mac OS Classic, but some tests are now really good with CarbonLib and the Carbon version.

See the information section for even more infos, and how to upgrade from 0.7.5 without losing your talk database, channels and users (yes, it's possible). Do not forget that So-Bot is a shareware, if you like it, or if you want to help me, please register it. Funds will be used to develop further releases. Note that the US$20 fee is a live-registration (if you dont distribute your serial number). 0.8 would probably not be possible without the few registrations some of you have already done.

Thanks! Finally, we have opened a channel on Undernet named #So in order to give some help (english and french) for configuring and using So-Bot.


Stéphane Thiell mbuna@IRC